Mission Statement

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Gemini E.M.I. Concepts, Inc. is a new generation network of life management coaches. Our aim is to offer a different perspective on how anyone, at any time, can empower him or herself and become a more productive citizen in society. The P.A.C.E. PLAN is a family guide to help parents and children address life’s daily challenges. As well, it serves as a curriculum for schools, districts, and social service agencies to assist at-risk youth in leadership and character development.


To empower everyone with the skills and confidence to simply “Make It In Life”, without falling victim to society’s declining social conditions, by getting back to basic  fundamental teachings and principles. Gemini E.M.I  believe in providing all people, regardless of their age, race, social status, education or religious beliefs a  Structured life plan which educates and assist everyone in making better life choices. A plan that is simple, practical, easily accessible and covers the full spectrum of life.


To make the P.A.C.E Plan a household resource guide readily available for every American household.


To help everyday people win the race of life and answer some of the challenging questions that everyone is searching for real and effective solutions too.

* What are some of the major problems we face in society?

* What is the root causes of everyday challenges

* How do we solve common problems?

* Who is responsible for our problems?

* Where should the initial change begin?

* When do we know if we are on the right track?

* Where do we start?

P.A.C.E. stands for the – PRACTICAL – APPLICATION – of – CHARACTER – & – ETHICS for “Making it in Life, where our goal is to bring awareness to parents that there is absolutely a structured method to raising their children while also helping themselves to becoming a better person in the process. The PACE Life Management Plan also builds confidence and helps a child map out a simple yet practical life plan for them to follow which covers the full spectrum of life. A plan that prepares a parent and child to meet all the challenges and pitfalls in life at every stage of their life.

The PACE Life Management Plan was inspired by all the thousands of people and lost souls that the founder Sam K. Jackson has engaged over his 20 plus years of law enforcement experience. Mr. Jackson says “every person had a story or testimony to tell. Every person being an example of either what was good, or what was bad, including myself. Like so many others I was struggle for answers and redemption but not really knowing what to do or how to solve my own problems. My trials and tribulations sent me to a place deep within myself to find some answers or else I was headed for self destruction. My problems may have just manifested themselves differently than other people problems, but none the less they were just as serious to me. For so long I saw people with so many problems that they didn’t have any answers or practical solutions to. I thought to myself  “Whatever is currently being done to fix our families, kids and social problems is ineffective and just isn’t working,” and if I can  have such strong opinions and can complain about the problems and what’s wrong with the system then I should also be willing to offer a solution, so I decided to throw my lil two cents into the hat. I realized that people just didn’t need help they needed a change and they wanted to truly be empowered.” The information and resources are out there, it’s just so scattered and convoluted to the point  where it has people lost and confused. The PACE Life Management Plan just took that vast amount of information and streamed lined it, making it simple, practical and understandable for people to use. We wanted people to see the bigger picture in life and just how life added all up. We wanted people to see life from a bird’s eye view, not just bits and pieces of the puzzle here and there. We wanted people to know how the means justified the ends, and why having a structured  plan in their life was so important. Most times kids never look much further ahead of themselves than today or at the moment they want something. Nor do many adults until it’s too late or reality hits them in the face and the wake-up call comes telling that must conform to the standards of society and be a responsible adult or pay the price.

I strongly feel that ”Knowledge is power” but the price to be paid for this knowledge is accountability. Sometimes, some people don’t want to know the truth or to have the knowledge because to know holds them personally accountable and they can no longer hide behind their ignorance or use their innocence of youth or being naive as an excuse for their bad behavior or indiscretions, which is why we have a system of accountability (aka THE SYSTEM).

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