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ISam K. Jackson am sure the biggest questions everyone wants to know are

(1) What makes me think that I am the authority on how to tell someone how to live his or her life or raise their children?

(2) Despite all the prominent people that have come before me, what makes me think I have the answers to some of the world’s toughest social problems?

I offer my advice from the standpoint of experience from being on both sides of the fence.

My story is not one that hasn’t been told many times before; I myself have heard it replayed a thousand times over like a broken record.

I too, grew up poor, in a disenfranchised neighborhood, in a single parent home, raised only by my mother with no real support from my father. Nobody in my world or within my reach was living the perception of success (as dictated by society). My strong male figure and role model was an uncle who wasn’t even really my uncle. I was not a scholar in school, poor-to-average at best. I was not popular, nor truly athletic.  I entered the U.S. Army by-passing college as a means of escape, independence, and a stepping stone towards something meaningful rather than being another statistic identified by a chalk line in the street. My lifelong dream was never to become a police officer; it was only by fate that it chose me rather than me choosing it. My career as a police officer has been both tumultuous as well as rewarding. I have faced many challenges in my career, many of which were not in the line of duty but rather stemmed internally from within the department. The place I sought refuge, what I considered to be my extended family brought me the most pain. At that time, what I considered to be harsh and unreasonable treatment prepared me for the harsh realities life brings and forged me into an even more responsible person and problem solver.

For the past twenty years, I have dedicated my life to public service. I have chosen to do my research in the trenches where the problems exist, begin and where they end.  As a beat officer, throughout my entire career in a large department governing a progressive metropolitan city, I have seen the problem, from all angles, up close and personal. I have literally been a part of too many social and crisis situations in real time with real people.

Sam Jackson - visionI have witnessed the pain of a grieving mother. I’ve seen the tears of a broken man. I’ve heard the despair in the voices of hundreds of frustrated youths and the fear and hopelessness they possess in their eyes. I have witnessed the ignorance in the mind of an offender, and stood in the homes of countless victims, at their wits end, from ever-increasing crime. I’ve seen the ineffectiveness of new legislator, new program initiatives, and the ineffectiveness of aid to suffering groups from agencies offering help but to no avail.

These startling experiences (sometimes critical) have been invaluable to my thoughts, social concerns, and resolutions. They are the framework that contribute to how I have shaped my personal life and the advice I give to others.  My experience reach far beyond clinical studies, psychoanalytical therapy, compiled data, college classrooms, scientific labs, a manager’s office and the boardroom.

What I have discovered during my travels is that fundamentally… right is right, wrong is wrong, good is good, and bad is bad… no excuses.

The reason most problems continue to exist is a lack of accountability from people who avoid personal responsibility for their actions with NO REGARD of the consequences.

In search of some answers, I conducted my independent research by honest dialogue with the people that were experiencing, and in some cases causing, the problems first hand. I interviewed real people, common people, in their environment. While emotions ran high, desperation was obvious, and their survival instinct was dominant, I made myself available to share their pain.

I do not profess to be successful, especially by our society’s current perception of success (power, fame, wealth). My claim to fame is that “I Am Trying To Make It”… just like everyone else. I attribute my ability to sustain a healthy mental attitude, quality social skills, and a long career — while not falling victim to some of societies vices and crutches — to the foundation instilled in me from my mother’s hard work, effort, endless love, discipline and structure she used to raise me.

This work is dedicated to my mother.

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