The P.A.C.E. Challenge

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Parents don’t have DOCTORATE DEGREES in how to raise a child  and children don’t come with instruction manuals

During my career as a law enforcement officer I have personally spoke with countless parents that had no actual plan in their life for long term positive living, nor did they have a structured plan for raising their child. They felt that a plan for raising a child just couldn’t be done, they would often say  “ there is just no way and no how you can pre-plan to raise a child.” They felt that as a parent they would just raised their kids by the same methods that their parents raised them, whether it was right or wrong. Or they would just simply learned as they went along, just pretty much “winging it” because life was just too complicated and full of too many unknowns, twists and turns that no one could prepare for all the challenges in life. I thought to myself WOW! And asked myself…

So who taught their parents?

and who taught the parents before them?

and what if their method for raising a child was flawed!

and how would they know?

and how will they improve?

and who is going to tell them?

I wondered how could they feel this way when everywhere else you look in society there is structure or a plan in place that teaches a person what to do, or a plan that guides a person on where to go. But yet many parents don’t think a structured long term plan for positive living can be implemented in their homes and families to help raise their children.

The PACE Life Management Plan dispels that trend of thought and shows parents and kids that it can be done and just how simple and easy it can be to bring order into a world full of chaos. The PACE Life Management Plan equips parents with the necessary tools, confidence and skills to become a more effective parent. We want parents to know that the number one key to increasing their child’s chances of growing up to be a socially healthy, safe, happy, Independent, confident and productive citizen is to provide the child with structure into their life early and often and not to wait until they become teenagers trying to discover themselves or until they are in the midst of a crisis situation. The PACE Life Management Plan stresses how very important these early teaching components and structure are to a child’s future development.

Gemini E.M.I. Concepts, Inc. primary objectives for children is to Educate, Motivate, and Inspire them to discovering their passion and purpose in life.

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