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You are ultimately defined by your Character

Watch your words: they become your thoughts. Watch your thoughts: they become your actions. Watch your actions: they become your habits. Watch your habits: they become your destiny. by Frank Outlaw We are ultimately judged and defined by our actions. Each action we exhibit is predicated by a Character trait, may it be good or bad. Every action, re-action, every thought whether it’s conscience or sub-conscience....
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Become a mentor

Mentors impact the United States by helping children to grow into productive and responsible adults, President Barack Obama said. To recognize the importance of mentors in the lives of Americans, Obama signed a proclamation last month designating January as National Mentoring Month. We encourage you to take the time out to mentor a child in your community. It only takes one to two hours per week to make a tremendous...
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Community Debate Forum Selects P.A.C.E. PLAN

The Duval Urban Debate League’s Community Debate Fundraiser and Banquet will consist of a town hall debate around new solutions to increase academic achievement in Duval County Public Schools between community leaders and a few of DUDL’s novice debaters. Join a diverse panel of Jacksonville’s new leadership in a community forum on the pros and cons of social services on education, community, and the...
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