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Resolving Conflict Peacefully

Click button for PACE Plan theme song No patience and understanding, No PEACE… Know patience and understanding, KNOW PEACE 1. First and foremost calm down! Think rationally because anger clouds your judgment. 2. Identify the problems and its impact, gather some supporting facts to get a better understanding of the situation before jumping to a conclusion or making any assumptions. 3. Pre-plan the conversation...
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Overcoming Selfishness

The selfishness in us all forces us to believe OUR individual problems are the only problems that exists; and [that] no one else can even begin to identify with our problems.
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Your Problems, Are My Problems

The problems people face are practically all the same, no different from mine. Each experience is unique to the individual, but the circumstances and the effects are common to all people, regardless of age, race, gender, religion gender, social status, nationality or any other differences. Unity is necessary for peace
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