What Is The P.A.C.E. Life Management Plan About?

The PACE Life Management Plan is the missing component that every child, adult, educator, manager, pastor, or politician needs in their strategic plan in order to increase the person under their care or responsibility chances of “MAKING IT IN LIFE”.

The P.A.C.E. Plan is simple, yet serves as a structured and effective life plan that takes the guess work out of living a more positive life while navigating a person through the full spectrum of life’s vicissitudes.

The PACE Life Management Plan starts by first changing a person’s heart and mind through character rehabilitation.


The PACE Plan helps a person who has fallen get back up; it also gives a person who is currently doing good or seemingly O.K. in their life a solid foundation to stand on.  Our aim is to provide everyone who encounters the plan to instill a foundation that helps them to steady the course and do even better in life.

The PACE Life Management Plan is NOT a… right now plan, it’s not a tomorrow’s plan or even a next year’s plan, it’s a LIFE PLAN!

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